How to Pick Up at Kansai Airport

Japan Wireless Kansai Airport

This is a guide for Japan Wireless customers on where to pick up their pocket wifi at Kansai Airport.

Our pick up point at Kansai International Airport (KIX) is at Terminal 1, the JAL ABC Counter.

If you are not sure about your arrival, you can contact our customer service team with your flight number and we will help you place your order:

Japan Wireless Pick Up at Kansai Airport

The pick-up counter is located on the 1st floor nearby the North Arrival Gate. 

Business Hours:
Everyday 7:00–21:00

ATTENTION! Make very sure you have time enough to go picking up there after your landing during the service hours.


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Why Should I Choose our Pocket Wifi?

We have been providing Pocket Wifi to visitors in Japan for over 10 years, and we have a 97% satisfaction from our customers!

Our pocket wifi offers unlimited date usage with a fast speed 4G internet, covering a wide area in Japan. All of these with the  price guarantee. In addition, we have a friendly and speedy English-speaker customer support. 

You can get an extra mobile battery for free with a Pocket WiFi unit and are never charged for cancellation fee if you want to cancel for any reasons.