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Pocket Wifi & Data Sim Card: FAQ

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Can I make or receive phone calls using a pocket WiFi?


No, you can only use data with a pocket WiFi. However, you can use video messaging apps like Messenger, Skype, or Google Hangouts as alternatives.

How long does the battery last on a pocket WiFi router?


The battery life is approximately 4-8 hours of continuous use, but can be extended by using the "automatic WiFi switching off system" mode. A power bank is also provided with your order.

What happens if I lose the mobile WiFi router?


The Regular Plan covers 50% compensation of all products. The Premium Plan covers 100% compensation of all products and reshipping fee is free (only if customers missed to pick up their package and limited to one time).

What's the Wi-Fi coverage area for a pocket WiFi?


Please check the service map for your destination onhttps://www.softbank.jp or contact us.

Is an instruction manual included with the pocket WiFi package?


Yes, an instruction manual on connecting to the Internet and troubleshooting is included. If you need assistance, please contact our customer service (cs@japan-wireless.com).

What's included in the portable WiFi package?


The package includes a mobile WiFi router, AC adapter, USB cable, extra battery (not included for Okinawa deliveries due to airfreight restrictions), instruction paper, and pouch.

Can I use the mobile WiFi router outside of Japan?


No, our pocket WiFi can only be used in Japan.

Does the mobile WiFi support smartphones and tablets made by overseas manufacturers?


Yes, our mobile WiFi supports all devices that have a WiFi feature.

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