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English Speaking Staff, 7 days a week

Easy to Book and Receive Pocket Wifi

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8,995 Reviews

Entire process was very easy. Good customer service. Quick response to my q

Entire process was very easy. Good customer service. Quick response to my questions. Will use it again.

2022-06-26 15:34:10


Very good service. Servicing a modum half way through the month seemed strange, but other wise no complaint.

2022-06-26 13:36:17

Very happy with the product

I purchased 7day data card and it worked perfectly for my holiday. Used maps a lot and social media. Also i was picking it up from the airport and it was delivered super fast with...

2022-06-26 11:11:57

Great product and service

The service provided by this company is above and beyond expectations. The convenience, speedy follow through and support ensures that my business needs remain smooth and uninter...

2022-06-25 10:46:14

Great product and service

Prompt delivery before my arrival to Japan and fast connections with the device I am very satisfied with the products. Only gave 4 stars because when I had questions about the ser...

2022-06-25 04:11:28

A must have for a short stay in Japan

In a country where getting a sim-card is relatively difficult (Residence ID/Bank account requirement) for a tourist, this solves all the issues of staying online at all times in Ja...

2022-06-24 21:09:39

well done

delivery as agreed - setup easy - working well - return perfect - totally satisfied

2022-06-22 13:03:02

Wireless monthly plan

Excellent service and coverage. Highly recommend.

2022-06-22 10:12:06

Excellent service, look no further!

I ordered this 2 days before my flight and arrived to my hotel in Tokyo to find the parcel there, instructions in English, super easy to use, everything you need to set up, connect...

2022-06-21 18:03:33

It is the best internet service

With the unlimited plan, I've been able to go anywhere in Japan with a really fast internet, if you are going somewhere far in Japan, after charging the portable charger and your p...

2022-06-21 17:43:03

Great choice for always-on option in Japan

“Pocket WiFi” is a must when visiting Japan. It is the key to seamless communication and navigation, and super easy to use. The procedure for picking it up and handing it back via...

2022-06-21 13:41:22

Great wifi

This is my second time using this pocket wifi and it was awesome! Cheap, easy to use and the return is seamless. Highly recommended!

2022-06-21 11:24:48


The overall service was great. Easy to receive and easy to return. I did have issues with the signal in certain areas, e.g. Yokosuka Chuo, when I was traveling.

2022-06-20 23:10:56

Excellent service

First thing to do after booking your ticket. Excellent service!

2022-06-20 16:17:36

Très bon suivi de la commande

J'ai commandé 2 appareils que je dois recevoir à des dates différentes. J'ai fait une erreur dans une adresse et Japan Wireless l'a remarqué ! Bravo pour ce professionnalisme

2022-06-20 15:55:42

Easy to apply, convenient to use

It is easy to get Japan Wireless device and convenient to connect to. However, there is a data cap for 3 days usage. If that can be removed, it would be perfect.

2022-06-20 14:16:30

The best quality and services.

The best quality and services.

2022-06-20 09:51:05


I can't watch t to try it. Ordering process was very simple & easy. Hopefully it's ready for me once I arrive on my vacation.

2022-06-19 10:32:11

Easy and efficient!

I rented the mobile wifi hotspot and the renting process was very smooth with return envelope within the package for easy return. Wifi was effective in all area including countrysi...

2022-06-18 22:20:40

Real Limitless Pocket WiFi

I tried other companies before Japan Wireless and they all had hidden and small limits. Never had an issue with Japan Wireless for data limits. I recommend for travel and if you mo...

2022-06-18 10:22:09


\ Most Popular /

Business WiFi

Premium WiFi

Praised by 92% of our customers

SIM Card


*If rented for 28 days


*If rented for 28 days

$22/30 days  
Data Usage
Unlimited Data Unlimited Data 500MB/day
Max Speed
95 Mbps 187 Mbps 150 Mbps
No Speed Restriction No Speed Restriction No Speed Restriction
18.5 hours battery life
With Free Power Bank
20 hours battery life
With Free Power Bank
No battery
Up to 5 devices connected Up to 10 devices connected 1 device
99% Coverage Nationwide 100% Coverage Nationwide 100% Coverage Nationwide
Perfect for Internet on the go:
Google Map, Video Messenger, etc.
Perfect for heavy data users:
streaming, music, game, etc.
Perfect for convenience:
Instant internet access without
any additional device
More info Detail More info Detail More info Detail
6 months
$68/month $33.2/ month
$199/ 6 months
  • Replacement warranty for faulty equipment
  • Monthly payment available
One Year
$58/month $29.5/ month
$354/ 12 months
  • Replacement warranty for faulty equipment
  • Monthly payment available
Two Years
$54/month $26.5/ month
$636/ 24 months
  • Replacement warranty for faulty equipment
  • Monthly payment available

Pocket WiFi/SIM card

Pocket WiFi

From just $2.2 per day!

*If rented for 28 days

What's Inside your rental WiFi Package?

Your rental pocket WiFi package comes with the following items at no extra charge. Easy English explanation manual on how to set-up the pocket WiFi device is included.

- Pocket Wi-Fi Router unit
- Power Bank
- USB cable and AC adapter (plug-in)
- Pre-paid and self-addressed return envelope

Prepaid SIM Data Card

We also sell Prepaid SIM cards


Our SIM can be cut easily by hand to fit in your device. No need to consider the size when you place on order.

7 days$16
15 days$19
30 days$22

Add-on with Wi-Fi Router

Pocket Voice Translator

Adopted by Japanese
government agencies

Add-on with Wi-Fi Router

  • 72 Languages supported, including Japanese
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can be selected as an option directly in the order form
  • 1st issue encountered by foreign tourists: communication (Japan Tourism Agency Survey)

Rental Steps


Book Online

Please place your order for a pocket WiFi before your trip to Japan. Make the payment to confirm your order.



Your order will arrive at your designated destination in Japan prior to your rental start date.


Enjoy Internet

After an easy set up, enjoy the pocket WiFi with the Unlimited Internet during your stay in Japan!



To return your rental pocket WiFi, pack all the items provided pre-paid return enveloppe and drop it in any postbox in Japan.

Our Advantages

Our rental pocket WiFi services have received the highest customer satisfaction from over 800,000 users

Easiest way to stay connected anytime and anywhere in Japan!

Our rental pocket WiFi has served over 800,000 visitors from all over the world since 2012.

Our pocket Wi-Fi will surely be a great partner during your stay in Japan.

Unlimited Data

You can use streaming video services without worrying about speed restrictions with our rental pocket WiFi.

Free Power Bank

Power Bank included FOR FREE. No more concerns about battery life!

One-day Shipping

We accept "Last minutes order" and provides"Need it Tomorrow" Service in most of areas in Japan.


  • Q.How do I return my rental pocket WiFi?

    A prepaid and self-addressed return envelope is enclosed in the pocket WiFi delivery package. Pack all the items into it and make it flat so it can enter into the mailbox sloat smoothly. Then, seal the envelope and drop it off anywhere in Japan.

  • Q.I am already in Japan. Can I still order a pocket WiFi/ SIM card?

    Of course. Just place your order online with your pick-up date and accomodation. The delivery time might differ depending on your location. Then, proceed to the payment and we will send you a confirmation email. To save time in shipping out your pocket WiFi or SIM card, be sure to indicate your room number and the name used to make the booking. *We cannot deliver to Airbnb. Please contact us so we can find an alternative.

  • Q.My schedule has changed and I won't arrive at the same date. What should I do?

    Please contact us immediately with your new arrival date so we can update the time we will send the pocket WiFi. If we receive the request before the shipment of your package, you won't be charged anything. However if you contact us after the package is already shipped, we can resend it for an additional 1,100 yen.

  • Q.What happen if I lose the mobile WiFi router?

    If you are worried about losing the pocket WiFi router, we recommend that you take our insurance for damage/loss (88 yen / per day). With it, the compensation charge will be limited to 11,000 yen. Without, it will be 44,000 yen.

  • Q.Can I extend the portable wifi rental period?

    Of course, Yes. It can be done in very simple and easy steps
    You will automatically receive a return notification e-mail 2 - 3 days before the current rental-end date.
    Please put the extension term into the extension form to be attached to the e-mail.

  • Q.I want my Internet connection until the very last minute in Japan. Can I return my rental pocket WiFi at the airport?

    Yes, the return package can be dropped directly into a mailbox at the airport. Just make sure to do it before passing the security check areas, are none are available after that point.

  • Q.By when do I have to return my Mobile-Wifi?

    You have to drop your Mobile WiFi router in the post box, by 3:00 pm of the next day of the end of the rental period. If you are late to return, you will be charged. Please make sure that you can drop it by the time, or extend your rental date in advance.

  • Q.I'm visiting South Korea and Taiwan, too. Do you have pocket WiFi I can use in other Asian countries?

    No, we are afraid not. Our items are all for domestic use only. Please refrain from bringing our product/s outside of Japan with you.

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Super Long Term Plan
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