Resetting Your Pocket WiFi

Connection issues might be solved quickly by resetting if caused by software jarming.

Would you give it a try resetting your device following the steps below?

Steps are shown on your delivery slip but briefly as below;

1. Power on if unit is off before resetting

2. Open the backside cover (there is a slit on a corner of the backside cover to pull open)

3. Find a reset hole (red) located near the battery and keep pressing the hole for more than 10 seconds with a pen until the display screen blacks out.

4. Put back the back cover and confirm the screen comes back automatically

5. Slide up the screen with your fingers

6. Press these buttons following the pictures





All the resetting steps have been done!! We appreciate your kindly understanding and cooperation.

Contact us immediately if above would not solve the issue.

We thank you for letting us know of your 3 nights from the reporting date accommodation hotel information with the name/code/room numbers with above. Will pick the fastest possible destination to support you by replacement item/s shipping out of the 3 nights.

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