Pocket WiFi Coverage on Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji will officially open for climbers at 1st July during summer season!

Are you planning to visit/climb the beautiful Japanese symbolic mountain, Mt Fuji, this summer ?? If you are concerned about wifi connection on/around the mountain, Don’t you worry. Because we have a solution for you.

Area Coverage in/around Mt.Fuji

Introducing our latest model of WiFi router, Premium Wi-Fi (501HW).

The coverage of Mt.Fuji is just great. As you can see from the picture of the coverage map, Apart from the tip of the mountain,the Premium Wi-Fi covers whole area and the stable and speedy internet connection is available!

Premium Wi-Fi model

This Premium Wi-Fi model has the best specs ever of all our rental products!!

  • UNLIMITED Data Usage
  • the FASTEST internet speed — — 187.5 mbps (Download)
  • the LONGEST battery life — -10 hours (continuously use)
  • the BEST area coverage

Would you like to order a Premium Wi-Fi model(501HW) ??

Please visit the link below for “How To Place Your Order