Delivery at a hotel or guesthouse

The safest and handiest way to receive your package is at your hotel or guesthouse.

* Is there WiFi in the Rooms?
* Is my Hotel/ Hostel/ Guesthouse WiFi free?

We are the answer to these questions!

Just ask for your package at the Front/Bell/Concierge Desk when you check-in.

If you order at least 3 days before your arrival, your package will be delivered prior to your date/time of arrival.
(Exceptions apply: Okinawa, Hokkaido, Kyushu, remote areas may take longer time.)

Tips to ensure a smooth delivery :

  • Specify the exact hotel name with address - your hotel may have other branches with very similar confusing names.
  • Specify the exact name used at room booking – Hotel or guesthouse often reject deliveries for names that are not on their guest booking list. Be careful, especially if you are travelling with a group or family.
  • If your package arrives after your check-in, keep an eye on any contact from your hotel or guesthouse staff. Most hotels inform you by lighting your room phone/headboard’s message indicator, or by leaving a message slip at your door.