Pocket WiFi Rental, SIM Sales in Japan

Our Refund Policy to Protect You

With the current coronavirus outbreak that strikes the world, Japan Wireless and all our team want to send our best thoughts and assure all of you of our support during these times of uncertainty.

Among the measures we implemented: please be assured that all our pocket Wi-Fi are carefully sanitized before being sent to our customers.

◆ Cancellation Policy

We also understand that the situation can evolve quickly, and that travel plan might be disturbed at the last minute.

  • As such, we have implemented special refund measures: You can request a refund at any time, even if you are already in Japan and need to return your pocket Wifi earlier than planned.
  • We offer to all our current customers a 15% promotion code valid until April 2021, so they can plan their next trip to Japan. It will be sent directly by email.

◆ Refund processing

Our team is working around the clock to provide everyone the support they need, but please note that refunds requests are currently quite high and might take some time to process (approximately 3 weeks). However, we assure you that they will ALL be treated. We appreciate your kind understanding regarding this exceptional situation.

To get more information regarding the situation, you can check our article:

◆ Call-center closing time

We are continuing to plan and adapt as COVID-19 spreads and evolves by the day. Our call-center will be closed until 10th April, so we welcome you to contact us by email (cs@japan-wireless.com) or via our Facebook page if you have any questions or concerns.

Coupons also applies to long-term rental