Pag-upa ng Pocket<br>Wifi at Mga benta<br>na Sim sa Japan
Pag-upa ng Pocket
Wifi at Mga benta
na Sim sa Japan

Terms and Conditions

These terms apply to all customers renting our products have to agree with the terms and prove that the content of terms is accurate.

  1. A rental product refers to any equipment listed on the rental contract including but not limited to mobile wifi device, prepaid SIM card, battery charger, portable battery charger, soft cover.
  2. All customers are granted only the right for personal use of rental product and may not sell or rent it to any unauthorized personnel. All rental products must be used only for legitimate and legal purposes.
  3. This contract is termed once (operated by Inbound Platform Corp.) received application from the customer.
  4. Date of rental refers to starting date of contract which day cutomers recieved their ordered product.
  5. Transfer of product means all products are handed to the rental customer in legitimate condition.
  6. All customers are responsible for any costs resulting from any legal processes that is conducted due to no fulfillment of a contract, or any other illegitimate loss caused by failure to comply with the contract.
  7. Transfer of product means all products are handed to the rental customer in legitimate condition.

Mobile-Wifi device

  1. Rental cost is based on the terms of contract listed within this contract.
  2. Data transfer cost is included in the rental cost and if within the rental period, there shall be no extra cost for data transfer.
  3. We cannot garantee the service area, speed or data traffic condtions at anywhere and anytime. And please be noticed that the speed shown in product information is best effort.
  4. We cannot make any refunds for reasons such as coverage for service area, speed, or date traffic conditions except for network disturbunce of communication carrier.
  5. The extension fee is 500 JPY/day.

Prepaid SIM data card

  1. Even in the case your phone didn’t accept SIMs, we can not accept a cancelation.


  1. Cancellation of contract must be made before 7:00am JST three business days before the beginning date of rental period. In such cases, no rental fees are charged. However, any cancellation after the designated time will be charged 1000JPY for shipping cost.


  1. In the case the equipment is lost or damaged during the contract period, customers will be charged the following compensation fees:

    Without Insurance (tax-excluded)
    ■Mobile-Wifi router (Premium Wi-Fi/ Business Wi-Fi):
    ・Body (Including SIMcard) JPY 40,000,
    ・Back cover of Router JPY 2,000
    ・Built-in Battery JPY 4,000
    ■Mobile Battery JPY 2,000
    ■AC adapter (plug-in): JPY 1,000
    ■USB Cable JPY 1,000
    ■Plastic Zipper Pouch JPY 1,000.

    With Insurance (tax-excluded)
    ■Mobile-Wifi router (Premium Wi-Fi/ Business Wi-Fi):
    ・Body (Including SIMcard) JPY 10,000,
    ・Back cover of Router JPY 500
    ・Built-in Battery JPY 1,000
    ■Mobile Battery JPY 500
    ■AC adapter (plug-in): JPY 250
    ■USB Cable JPY 1,000
    ■Plastic Zipper Pouch JPY 1,000.

  2. All customers are required to report any loss or damage regarding the rental equipment to Japan Wireless and follow the instructions on the required process afterwards.
  3. Japan Wireless will cancel this contract without obligation to notify customers once it confirms any no fulfillment of contract, such as a non-returned equipment after completion of rental period and/or false information in the contract. After cancellation, Japan Wireless may contact the customer to retrieve rental equipment, and the customer will be responsible for its costs.


  1. All customers are required to return rental equipment as instructed on Japan Wireless webpage (by noon of the next day of rental period’s end). Customers are obligated to return equipment immediately upon request by Japan Wireless, If not returned properly; the customers will be charged JPY 550/day up to two months after the return date. If any damage is inflicted to the equipment upon inappropriate return, customers will be charged according to the status of the return items.
  2. All payments regarding rental must be paid by the date specified by Japan Wireless. If a customer fails to pay, Japan Wireless will take legal action to retrieve the said fees. Cost of such actions will be additionally charged to the customer.
  3. This contract applies based on the Japanese legal system.
  4. Japan Wireless will not to be held accountable for damage or loss resulting from incidents such as war, terrorism, riot, labor strike, production cancellation, fire, volcano eruption, earthquake, energy trouble.


  1. Japan Wireless may immediately terminate this contract if it finds applicable any of the following reasons:
    ・Customers fail or seem likely to fail to pay any debt.
    ・Customers use the Service unlawfully or in any form that offends public order and morals.
    ・Customers use the Service in any form under which such use may impair use by any other persons who directly or indirectly use the Service provided by Japan Wireless.
    ・Customers breach any obligations as prescribed in the Terms and Conditions.
    ・Customers file a petition for bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, liquidation or civil rehabilitation.
    ・Customers are found to belong to an organized crime group, are members of such a group or any other equivalent antisocial force, or have connections with any of these groups.
    ・Japan Wireless otherwise determines that there is any unavoidable reason for Japan Wireless to terminate the Agreement.
  2. When Japan Wireless terminates the use of the Service according to the previous paragraph, Japan Wireless will provide Customers with a prior notice of reasons for and the date of termination of the Service, using any of the methods. However, if Japan Wireless determines it to be an emergency or otherwise unavoidable, Japan Wireless may not provide Customers with any notice.
  3. In the event that the Service is terminated according to the previous paragraphs 1 and 2, Customers will be held accountable for any losses or liabilities incurred by Japan Wireless.

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