Pocket WiFi Rental<br>SIM Sales in Japan

Legal Information

Details based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

  1. Products price

Displayed on rates page:

  1. Payment date and method

Payment is made at the time of order.
Payment is processed by using an e-mail account and the payment gateway such as Stripe or Flywire.

  1. Product delivery time

We deliver from the date of application

  1. Matters pertaining to withdrawal of an application for a sales contract for products or specific rights or cancellation of a sales contract (the content of the special agreement, if any)

We accept all product returns during the requested receipt date, even where the product is not defective. We will bear the shipping costs where the product is defective. However, where a non-defective product is returned, we will refund the price after deducting a 1,000-yen penalty for cancellation of the contract after shipping.

  1. Business operator name, address and phone number

Inbound Platform Corp.
5th floor, SW Shimbashi Building, 6-14-5 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004

  1. Where the business operator is a corporation who advertises in a manner utilizing electronic data processing systems: name of the representative (such as the vendor) or name of the person responsible for mail order sales.

Business manager: Toru Otake

  1. Application validity period, if applicable

Applications are automatically canceled when we cannot establish contact for 10 or more days from the requested receipt date.

  1. Content and amount of money to be borne by the purchaser, etc. other than the sales price and shipping

Rental items... insurance, extension fees, late return fees, etc. depending on the circumstances.

  1. The content of any provisions concerning the vendor's liability for hidden product defects

We will replace defective products as well as products that are scratched or otherwise damaged during shipping, etc. Please contact Japan Wireless Customer Support by e-mail or phone to request replacement.
We accept returns within 14 days after the date we shipped the product.
Please use the return envelope included with the product to return the product.

Please note that we do not accept the return of the following products:
*Products that have been scratched or otherwise damaged through no fault of our company.
*Products returned 15 days or more after the date we shipped the product.

  1. The content of any special sales conditions (service provision conditions) such as limits on sales quantity

We accept orders from 1 item.

  1. Business operator's e-mail address where sending commercial advertising via e-mail



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