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Data Plan is recommended for those who want to use data flexibly.

30GB / 30-Day for $
10GB / 30-Day for $
5GB / 30-Day for $
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Daily Plan is recommended for those who want to use a specific amount of data daily.

5GB from $/day
2GB from $/day
1GB from $/day
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What is an eSIM?

A digital SIM CardNo need to insert a physical SIM card.
Immediate deliveryReceive your eSIM and activate
Easy activationScan a QR code and you’re connected at once.

Data Coverage


eSIM Type

Only data


No calls

Compatible Devices

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Expiration period

180 days

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It’s easy to set up: just scan a QR Code sent by email

Can’t be removed

Can use multiple carriers

Can use multiple cellular profiles

SIM icon


Can be troublesome to set up

Can be removed and used with compatible devices

Can use one SIM per carrier

Can hold one profile per carrier

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step 1
Check compatibilityFirst, make sure your smartphone is compatible with eSIM.  Check compatibility
step 2
Get your eSIMSelect the data plan that suits your needs and purchase it. It will then appear on “My eSIM” page, where you will find all the purchased eSIMs.
step 3
Install your eSIMSimply scan your QR code and install your eSIM. All the instructions will be sent to you by email. You are now ready to browse the web in Japan!

Why choose our eSIM?

Works all around Japan.

Stay connected in Japan with our eSIM. You can keep your carrier SIM in place and roam freely with your Dual SIM device.
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