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Get your Japan eSIM

Instantly via Email!

Get your Japan eSIM

Instantly via Email!

eSIM Data Plan is recommended for those who want to use data flexibly.
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What is an eSIM?


A digital, embedded SIM

No physical SIM Card needed

Set up your eSIM instantly!

Receive your eSIM QR code in your email.
Install your eSIM by scanning the QR code or inputting the activation code.

Instant eSIM activation!

Connect to the web in 2 minutes.
Because it's an eSIM, no need to insert anything!

eSIM vs Physical SIM Card



It’s easy to set up: just scan a QR Code sent by email
Can be troublesome to set up
Can’t be removed
Can be removed and used with compatible devices
Can use multiple carriers
Can use one SIM per carrier
Can use multiple cellular profiles
Can hold one profile per carrier

eSIM vs Physical SIM Card



Ease: eSIMs can be remotely activated & deactivated. This capability simplifies the activation process and eliminates the need for SIM card distribution. Just scan the QR code or use the activation code.
Inconvenience: Unlike the eSIMs, physical SIM cards have to be picked up from the corporation distributing it. Users will also need to ensure they have the correct SIM card as well as the ejector tool.
Multiple profiles: eSIM implementations allow support for multiple profiles. Greatly ideal for users who want to separate personal and business affairs.
Damage/loss risk: Physical SIM cards, unlike the eSIM, can be lost, damaged or even stolen. In which case, users would have to go through the entire process of obtaining a SIM card all over again.
Flexibility: eSIMs allows users to swap between multiple carriers.
Non eco-friendly: Physical SIM cards = More plastic waste !
Security: eSIM technology incorporates advanced security features to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.
Physical limitations: Physical SIM cards require slot in devices that your device might not have. Iphone 14 model or later don`t have SIM card trays.

How does eSIM work?

Step 1

Japan travel eSIM

Check eSIM compatibility

Make sure your eSIM mobile device is compatible with an eSIM.

Check eSIM compatibility

Step 2

Purchase your eSIM

Purchase your eSIM

Select which eSIM data plan best suits your needs. After purchasing your eSIM data plan, it’ll appear on your “my eSIM” page. This page includes all your past purchases as well.

Step 3

Install your eSIM

Install your eSIM

Simply scan the QR code & install your eSIM. All instructions will be sent to you by email in a step by step manner. Once you’ve activated your eSIM, you are now ready to explore the web!

eSIM Set Up Guide

What Makes Our Japan-Wireless eSIM stand out?

Affordable Local Prices

No hidden fees. Pay for your eSIM as you go.

Setup with Ease

Scan the QR code, install the eSIM, surf the web.

Multilingual Customer Support

Available 7 days a week.

eSIM Service

Security Enhanced Network

Surf securely with our eSIM, no need for public WiFi.


Instant eSIM email delivery, no pick ups needed.


Our eSIM service allows you to have up to 180 days to activate.

Our eSIM service provides premiere connection speeds almost everywhere in Japan. 

esim japan network coveragesesim japan network coverages

About our eSIMs

Cheap & Stable
Japan Wireless eSIM provides the best and cheapest service for travelers in Japan. Our eSIMs are compatible with almost all iphone & Android devices, allowing for endless fun for everyone.

Nationwide Coverage
Our eSIMs allow for internet connectivity even from the top of Mount Fuji. Share your beautiful adventures of Japan on your social media with our eSIMs! 

Reliable Support
Our 7 days a week, multilingual customer service center will be standing by, assisting you with any issues you have. We will do our best to guarantee our Japan eSIM service will help you throughout your entire trip in Japan. We want to make sure you have an unforgettable experience with us.

7 days a week, multilingual customer support center.

We want to ensure you have no issues on your trip in Japan. Our dedicated customer service center will make sure you have no issues with our eSIMs.
If you have any issues with your eSIM, call our customer service:
  • Get connected within 3 minutes.
  • Get step by step help in 7 languages.
  • Connect with an actual human being.


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Japan nationwide coverage

Stay connected in Japan with our eSIM. You can keep your carrier SIM in place and roam freely with your Dual SIM device.